Proctorial Board

Chief Proctor

Dr. H.S. Palsania (2711139/+91-9460144084)

Additional Chief Proctor

Dr. Rajesh Kumar (+91-9460458459)

Associate Proctors

Dr. I.U. Khan (Drawing & Painting)
Mr. Tamegh Panwar (History)
Dr. Ammilal Rao (Chemistry)
Dr. Poonam (Bus. Adm.)
Dr. Lalita Vatta (Home Science)
Dr. Dev Dutt Patel (Zoology)
Dr. Vinit Kumar Dudi (Public Admn.)
Dr. Jagadeesh Giri (Hindi)


The University proctorial board has the responsibility of maintaing discipline, law and order in the campus. All constituent colleges have their own proctorial boards.