• Prof. Mangej Singh

  • Dr. Arvind Kumar

    Deputy Director (Maintenance)
  • Dr. Mahendra Kumar Gora

    Deputy Director (Operations)

About Us:

  • Instrumentation is an interdisciplinary area which is very important in the academic, and industrial spheres in the context of national development. The UGC along with many other organizations of Government of India have recognized this and launched comprehensive instrumentation programmes. University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) was established at University of Rajasthan in late 70 ' s with initial support from University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. The Centre has been set up to support instrumentation facility with the following major objective:
    To house high-end research instruments and provide instrumentation facility on specialized instruments to the internal and external faculty/scholars/students as a central facility for carrying out spectral, thermal, chemical and microstructural analysis on a variety of materials are extended to all researchers.

  • Vision and Mission

    Scientific instruments may be usefully regarded as the capital goods of the scientific research. That is to say, the conduct of scientific research generally requires some antecedent investment in specific equipment for purposes of enhancing the ability to observe and measure specific categories of natural phenomena. In due course of time, UOR-USIC may play its role in enhancing quality publications and also encourage more people to go for experimental research for practical applications.

  • About University

    The University of Rajasthan is the oldest institution of higher learning in Rajasthan. It was established on 8th January, 1947, as the University of Rajputana with the main objective of disseminating knowledge and catering to the needs of the students of Rajasthan. It had jurisdiction over the entire state. In the year 1956, the Rajputana University was renamed as the University of Rajasthan, keeping intact its enveloping jurisdiction. With the successive creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction has come down, but it is still the hub of Higher Education in Rajasthan paving the way for the other universities. It attracts students from all over Rajasthan and other parts of India and abroad. University of Rajasthan is a multi-faculty University and is recognized under 2f and 12B of U.G.C since its inception. It has 36 Post Graduate Departments, 15 recognized Research Centers ,6 Constituent Colleges and 500 Affiliated Colleges spanning 6 districts. The location of the University is Urban and its Central Campus is spread over 285.50 acres and the satellite campus, comprising the Constituent Colleges, is spread over 149.53 acres.