• 1. Design of RF planar components for Modern Communication Systems:-
    o Development of wearable/flexible antennas
    o Design a microstrip antenna for satellite communication
  • 2. Innovative food designing
    o Antioxidants rich blended juice
    o Antioxidants rich chutney
    o Low cost nutritious food products
    o Millet based food products
    o Calcium and Vitamin D Fortified Biscuits & Noodles
    o Nutrient dense biscuits & laddoo
  • 3. Computer assisted drug designing
    o Designing a Training Model on HIV Positive Individuals for Identification of Drug Suitability
  • 4. Product design optimization for artificial limb via soft computing approach
    o Computational model for better gait cycle by optimisation techniques for above knee prosthetic
  • 5. Innovation in material sciences for inclusive development
    o Fabrication of Hypo-allergenic Materials for Innovation and Designing in Jewellery and Artisan
    o Fabrication of Innovative Eco-friendly Food Packaging Material
    o Fabrication of Non-toxic nanocomposite solders
    o Non-toxic approach to fabricate Nanocomposite Core-shell Sensor for Removal of Dyes from Industrial Wastewater Effluents
    o Green Fabrication of Nanoparticles for Eradication of Toxins from Water / Milk
    o Fabrication of Membranes via Green Approach for Wastewater Filtration

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