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About the Department

About the Centre Infrastructural Facilities The centre was reported to have started in year 1986 offering initially certificate courses in Computer Applications ( Computer Languages like BASIC, C, FORTRAN, Lotus 123, Dbase etc.) at University Science and Instrumentation Centre (USIC). The Centre started one year PG DCA in 1989 & three year MCA course in 1990. The Centre shifted to its own building in 1996 and the Centre merged with USIC with the name Institute of Informatics and Instrumentation (III) in the year 2002 and the same time the Centre also started two year M.Sc. ( IT) course. The Centre is renamed University Centre for Computer Science & Information Technology (UCCS & IT) in the year 2007. Presently the Centre, is running 3 years (6 semesters) MCA and 2 years(Four Semesters) M.Sc.(IT) courses under Self Financing Scheme (SFS). The Centre has earned the status one of the most exciting and innovative in the Computer Science and Information Technology in the state of Rajasthan. The students of the centre enjoy an active campus life with several invited talks, seminars and interactive sessions by Eminent Experts. A good number of students of MCA and M.Sc.(IT) have made a mark in different walks of life e.g. Government sectors, Research, Teaching, Civil Services, Defense, MNC's, etc. The Department provides learning friendly environment for enabling students to meet global requirement.

Infrastructural Facilities:

The Students have access to excellent infrastructural facilities. These facilities are augmented by the addition of hardware/software, library and space facilities. The Centre has 4 class rooms with LCD Projector & Internet facilities, a Seminar Hall, Reading Room, 4 Computer Laboratories with latest technologies and the students will enable to have access to international technologies as a part of their course work from several internationally reputed multinational companies and organizations during their final semester.

(i) Internet Connectivity:

  • The Centre has Internet connectivity through the University Leased line. The entire building has CAT 5/CAT6 cabling so that the Internet can be accessed from almost any location in the building.

(ii) Computer Labs:

  • The computer labs are well equipped with multiple number of computers which are connected through LAN and support diverse operating systems like MS DOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1 and Linux. The labs are equipped with wide ranging development tools and platforms such as C, C++, Visual Basic, MS Office, Visual Studio, .Net, Java, Oracle DB2, SQL Server, My SQL, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, Dream viewer and many more. The students are allowed to work even during off hours. The high-tech laboratory having 60 Pentium i7, 30 Pentium Core 2 Du, 30 Pentium computers & 2 Servers has been established in the centre to fulfill requirement of the courses to support latest technology and environment.

(iii) Library:

  • The students have access to an in house library, which has more than 11500 books related to Computer Applications and Information Technology. The Centre's Library is computerized and transactions of books through computer. In addition, the students have access to on-line resources, News papers, Magazines & Journals.