'Language and Literature'

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Journal Title Publisher
African American Review(1992-2001) JSTOR
African Languages and Cultures Supplement(1992-1996) JSTOR
Alif(1981-2001) JSTOR
American Journal of Philology(1996-) Project Muse
American Literary History(2000-) Project Muse
American Literary Scholarship(1998-) Project Muse
American Literature(Sept. 1999-Dec. 2004) Project Muse
American Quarterly(1996-) Project Muse
American Speech(fall 1999;2000-2004) Project Muse
Arethusa (1996-) Project Muse
Boundary 2(1972-1999 (plus links to recent content 2000-2004) JSTOR
Callaloo(1995-) Project Muse
Chaucer Review(n.3 2000-) Project Muse
Children's Literature(2003-) Project Muse
Chinese Literature; Essays,Articles,Reviews(1979-2001) JSTOR
Classical Philology(1906-2002) JSTOR
College English(1939-2001) JSTOR
College Literature (2003-) Project Muse
College,Composition and Communication(1950-2001) JSTOR
Comparative Literature(1949-1999) Project Muse
Comparative Literature Studies(n.3 1999;2000-) Project Muse
Configurations(1993-) Project Muse
Diacritics(1971-1995(plus links to recent content 1996-2002) JSTOR
Eighteenth Century Studies(1993-) Project Muse
ELH1934-1994(plus links to recent content 1995-2004) JSTOR
English Historical Review(1886-1999) JSTOR
French Review(1927-1999) JSTOR
German Quarterly(1928-2001) JSTOR
Harvard Studies in Classical Philology(1890-2000) JSTOR
Hispania(1917-1999) JSTOR
Hispanic Review(2005-) NEW Project Muse
Italica(1926-1999) JSTOR
Japanese Language and Literature(2001) JSTOR
Journal of African Cultural Studies(1998-2001) JSTOR
Journal of Modern Literature(win 1998/1999-) Project Muse
Ka Ho'olina/The Legacy(2002-) Project Muse
Language(1925-1999) JSTOR
Literature and Medicine(1995-) Project Muse
Manoa(n.2 1999-) Project Muse
Marvels and Tales(2001-) Project Muse
MELUS(1974-2001) JSTOR
MFS Modern Fiction Studies(fall 1994-) Project Muse
Milton Quarterly (1997-2000) Project Muse
MLN(Sept. 1993;1995-) Project Muse
MLQ: Modern Language Quarterly(June 1999;2000-archive only) Project Muse
Modern Language Journal(1916-2001) JSTOR
Modern Philology(1903-2002) JSTOR
Narative(2002-) Project Muse
New England Quarterly(1928-2001) JSTOR
New German Critique(1928-2001) JSTOR
New Literary History1969-1994(plus links to recent content 1995-2004) JSTOR
Nineteenth-Century Literature(1986-2001) JSTOR
Oceanic Linguistics(Dec. 1999-) Project Muse
Oral tradition(2003-) Project Muse
Philosophy and Literature(1995-) Project Muse
Philosophy and Rhetoric(n. 2 1999;2000-) Project Muse
PMLA(1889-2001) JSTOR
Poetics Today(fall 1999-winter 2004; archive only) Project Muse
Prairie Schooner(2003-) Project Muse
Proof Texts(2000-) Project Muse
Renaissance Quarterly(1967-2001) JSTOR
Representations( 1983-2001) JSTOR
Research in African Literatures(1999-) Project Muse
Resources for American Literary Study(n.2 1999-2001; archive only) Project Muse
Review of English Studies(1925-1999) JSTOR
Rhetoric and Public Affairs (win 2000-) Project Muse
Rhetoric Review(1982-1999) JSTOR
SEL Studies I English Literature(1999-) Project Muse
Shakespeare Quarterly(2001-) Project Muse
SHAW The Annual Bernard Shaw Studies(2000-) Project Muse
Sign Language Studies(2000-) Prokect Muse
Social text(1979-1999(plus links to recent content 2000-2004) JSTOR
Speculum(1926-1999) JSTOR
Studies in English Literature,1500-1900(1961-1998(plus links to recent content 1999-2004) JSTOR
Studies in Philology(2003-) Project Muse
Studies in the Renaiance (1954-1974) JSTOR
Symploke(1997-) Project Muse
Texas Studies in Literature and Language (2001-) Project Muse
The Classical Quarterly(1907-1999) JSTOR
The Classical Review(1887-1999) JSTOR
The Emily Dickinson Journal(1998-) Project Muse
The French Review Special Issue(1970-1982) JSTOR
The Henry James Review(1995-) Project Muse
The Journal of Nietzsche Studies(2002-) Project Muse
The Lion and the Unicorn(1995-) Project Muse
The Southern Literary Journal(2000/01-) Project Muse
Transactions of the American Philological Assoc.(1869-1896) JSTOR
Transactions of the American Philological Assoc.(1974-2000(plus links to recent content 2001-2004) JSTOR
Transition 1961-1999 (plus links to recent content 2000-2001) JSTOR
Tulsa studies in Women's Literature(1982-1999) JSTOR
Twentieth Century Literature(1955-2001) JSTOR
Velvet Light Trap(2003-) Project Muse
Victorian Poetry(2000-) Project Muse
Victorian Studies(win 1999/2000-) Project Muse
World Archeology(1969-2001) JSTOR