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4OR Springer Link
Acta Applicandae Mathematicae Kluwer Online
Agriculture and Human Values Kluwer Online
Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv Springer Link
Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry Kluwer Online
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics Kluwer Online
Applied Mathematics and Optimization Springer Link
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Kluwer Online
Brookings-Wharton papers on Financial Services(2000-) Springer Link
Brookings papers on Economic Activity 1970-2001 (plus links to recent content 2002-2004) JSTOR
Brookings papers on Economic Activity Microeconomics1989-1998 JSTOR
Canadian Journal of Economics1968-2001 JSTOR
Community Mental Health Journal Kluwer Online
Computational Economics Kluwer Online
Computational Management Science Springer Link
Computing Springer Link
Constitutional Political Economy Kluwer Online
De Economist Kluwer Online
Decisions in Economics and Finance Springer Link
Die Weltwirtschaft Springer Link
Econometrica JSTOR
Economia Project Muse
Economic Bulletin Springer Link
Economic Theory Springer Link
Economica JSTOR
Economics of Governance Springer Link
Economics of Planning Kluwer Online
Empirica Kluwer Online
Empirical Economics Springer Link
Environment, Development and Sustainability Kluwer Online
Environmental and Resource Economics Kluwer Online
Ethics and Information Technology Kluwer Online
European Finance Review Kluwer Online
European Journal of Law and Economics Kluwer Online
European Journal of Population/Revue europeenne de Demographie Kluwer Online
Experimental Economics Kluwer Online
Finance and Stochastics Springer Link
Geojournal Kluwer Online
Global change & Human Health Kluwer Online
Health Care Management Science Kluwer Online
Health Services & Outcomes Research Methodology Kluwer Online
History of Political Economy Project Muse
Indian Economic and Social History Review SAGE Publications
Information Systems and e-Business Management Springer Link
International Economic Review1960-1999 JSTOR
International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics Kluwer Online
International Journal of Game Theory Springer Link
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics Kluwer online
International Tax and Public Finance Kluwer Online
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics Kluwer Online
Journal of Applied Econometrics1986-1999 JSTOR
Journal of Bioeconomics Kluwer Online
Journal of Business Ethics Kluwer Online
Journal of Classification Springer Link
Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis Kluwer Online
Journal of Consumer Policy Kluwer Online
Journal of Cultural Economics Kluwer Online
Journal of Economic Growth Kluwer Online
Journal of Economic Literature1969-2002 JSTOR
Journal of Economics Springer Link
Journal of Evolutionary Economics Springer Link
Journal of Financial Service Research Kluwer Online
Journal of Gambling Studies Kluwer Online
Journal of Geographical Systems Springer Link
Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade Kluwer Online
Journal of International Entrepreneurship Kluwer Online
Journal of labor Economics1983-2001 JSTOR
Journal of Management & Governance Kluwer Online
Journal of Political Economy 1892-2000 JSTOR
Journal of Population Economics Springer Link
Journal of Productivity Analysis Kluwer Online
Journal of Real Estate Literature Kluwer Online
Journal of Regulatory Economics Kluwer Online
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Kluwer Online
Labor Studies Journal Project Muse
Law and Philosophy Kluwer Online
Lifetime Data Analysis Kluwer Online
Mathematical Programming Springer Link
Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability Kluwer Online
Metrika Springer Link
NETNOMICS:Economic Research and Electronic Networking Kluwer Online
Networks and Spatial Economics Kluwer Online
Open Economies Review Kluwer Online
OR Spectrum Springer Link
Oxford Economic Papers1938-1997 JSTOR
Papers in Regional Science Springer Link
Poiesis & Praxis Springer Link
Policy Sciences Kluwer Online
Population Research and Policy Review Kluwer Online
Population:an English Selection JSTOR
Portuguese Economic Journal Springer Link
Positivity Kluwer Online
Probability Theory and Related Fields Springer Link
Public Choice Kluwer Online
Public Organization Review Kluwer Online
Quantitative Marketing and Economics Kluwer Online
Regional Environmental Change Springer Link
Review of Economic Design Springer Link
Review of Economics of the Household Kluwer Online
Review of Finance Kluwer Online
Review of Industrial Organization Kluwer Online
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Kluwer Online
Review of World Economics Springer Link
Small Business Economics Kluwer Online
Social Choice and Welfare Springer Link
Social Indicators Research Kluwer Online
Spanish Economic Review Springer Link
Standort Springer Link
Statistical Methods and Applications Springer Link
Statistical Papers Springer Link
The Annals of Regional Science Springer Link
The Economic History Review JSTOR
The Economic Journal JSTOR
The European Journal of Health Economics Springer Link
The GENEVA Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory Kluwer Online
The Journal of Economic History1941-1999 JSTOR
The Journal of Economic Inequality Kluwer Online
The Journal of Economic Perpectives1987-2002 JSTOR
The Journal of Industrial Economics JSTOR
The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Kluwer Online
The Journal of Technology Transfer Kluwer Online
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 1886-1999 JSTOR
The RAND Journal of Economics1984-1999 JSTOR
The Review of Austrian Economics Kluwer Online
The Review of Economic Studies1933-2001 JSTOR
The Review of Economics and Statistics1919-1999 JSTOR
Transportation Kluwer Online
Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS) Springer Link
Wirtschaftsdienst Springer Link
Zeitschrift fur IT in der Verwaltung Springer Link