'Business and Management Studies'

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Journal Title Publisher
Accounting Education Taylor and Francis
Accounting, Business and Financial History Taylor and Francis
Advertising & Society Review Project Muse
Annals of Operations Research Kluwer Online
Applied Financial Economics Taylor and Francis
Applied Financial Economics Letters Taylor and Francis
Applied Mathematical Finance Taylor and Francis
Archival Science Kluwer Online
Asia Pacific Journal of Management Kluwer Online
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Kluwer Online
Book History Project Muse
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity Project Muse
Brookings Trade Forum Project Muse
Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services Project Muse
Business and Politics Taylor and Francis
Business History Taylor and Francis
Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory Kluwer Online
Communication Reports Taylor and Francis
Competition and Change Taylor and Francis
Economla Project Muse
Enterprise & Society Project Muse
Enterprise and Innovation Management Studies Taylor and Francis
Electronic Commerce Research Kluwer Online
Ethics and Information Technology Kluwer Online
Extremes Kluwer Online
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making Kluwer Online
Group Decision and Negotiation Springer & Kluwer
Health Care Management Science Kluwer Online
Human Relations Kluwer Online
Human Resource Development International Taylor and Francis
International Journal of Human Resource Management Taylor and Francis
Information Systems Frontiers Kluwer Online
Information Technology and Management Kluwer Online
International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Kluwer Online
International Journal of the Economics of Business Taylor and Francis
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics Kluwer Online
International Journal of Value-Based Management Kluwer Online
International Tax and Public Finance Kluwer Online
Journal of Business J-store
Journal of Business and Psychology Kluwer Online
Journal of Business Ethics Kluwer Online
Journal of Business of the University of Chicago J-stor
Journal of Career Development Kluwer Online
Journal of Consumer Policy Kluwer Online
Journal of Emerging Market Finance SAGE Publications
Journal of Finance J-stor
Journal of Financial Services Research Kluwer Online
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis J-stor
Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade Kluwer Online
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems Kluwer Online
Journal of International Trade & Economic Development Taylor and Francis
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing Kluwer Online
Journal of International Entrepreneurship Kluwer Online
Journal of Management & Governance Kluwer Online
Journal of Marketing Communications Taylor and Francis
Journal of Market-Focused Management Kluwer Online
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking J-stor
Journal of Scheduling Springer & Kluwer
Journal of Strategic Marketing Taylor and Francis
Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education Kluwer Online
Journal of Productivity Analysis Kluwer Online
Lifetime Data Analysis Kluwer Online
Marketing Letters Kluwer Online
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research (ZOR) Springer & Kluwer
Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability Kluwer Online
Mobile Networks and Applications Kluwer Online
Maritime Policy & Management Taylor and Francis
NETNOMICS: Economic Research and Electronic Networking Kluwer Online
Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences Kluwer Online
Public Organization Review Kluwer Online
Production Planning & Control Taylor and Francis
Quality Assurance: Good Practice, Regulation, and Law Taylor and Francis
Quantitative Finance Taylor and Francis
Quantitative Marketing and Economics Kluwer Online
Queueing Systems Kluwer Online
Review of Accounting Studies Kluwer Online
Review of Derivatives Research Kluwer Online
Review of Finance Kluwer Online
Review of Financial Studies J-stor
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Kluwer Online
Small Business Economics Kluwer Online
Social Marketing Quarterly Taylor and Francis
Sociological Practice Kluwer Online
Systemic Practice and Action Research Kluwer Online
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management Taylor and Francis
The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research Taylor and Francis
The International Trade Journal Taylor and Francis
The Journal of Development Studies Taylor and Francis
Teaching Business Ethics Kluwer Online
The Journal of Technology Transfer Springer & Kluwer
Telecommunication Systems Kluwer Online
Tertiary Education and Management Kluwer Online
Total Quality Management Taylor and Francis
Total Quality Management Taylor and Francis
Total Quality Management and Business Excellence Taylor and Francis
Transport Reviews Taylor and Francis
Transportation Planning and Technology Taylor and Francis
University Journal of Business J-stor
User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction Kluwer Online
Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance Taylor and Francis
Wireless Networks Kluwer Online