'Area Studies'

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Journal Title Publisher
American Quarterly JSTOR
Asian Perspectives Project Muse
Asian Survey JSTOR
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies JSTOR
Bulletin of the School of Orient & African Studies JSTOR
C.R.: The New Centennial review Project Muse.
China Quarterly Cambridge University Press
China Review International Project Muse.
Europe-Asia Studies JSTOR
European Review Cambridge University Press
Greece and Rome JSTOR
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies JSTOR
Internatonal Ji of Middle East Studies JSTOR
Israel Studies Project Muse.
Jewish Social Studies Project Muse.
Journal of American Oriental Society JSTOR
Journal of Asian American Studies Project Muse.
Journal of Asian Studies JSTOR
Journal of Black Studies JSTOR
Journal of British Studies JSTOR
Journal of Hellenic Studies JSTOR
Journal of Japanese Studies JSTOR
Jouranal of Latin American Studies JSTOR
Journal of Modern African Studies JSTOR
Journal of Modern Greek Studies Project Muse
Journal of Near Eastern Studies JSTOR
Journal of Palestine Studies JSTOR
Journal of Roman Studies JSTOR
Journal of Southern African Studies JSTOR
Korean Studies Project Muse.
Latin American Research Review Project Muse.
Mediterranean Quarterly Project Muse.
Meridians: feminism,race,transnationalism Project Muse.
Mershon International Studies Review JSTOR
Middle East Report JSTOR
Modern Asian Studies JSTOR
Modern China JSTOR
Modern Judaism Project Muse.
Monumenta Nipponica JSTOR
Nepantla: Views from South Project Muse.
New Hibernia Review Project Muse.
Nineteenth Century French Studies Project Muse.
North East African Studies Project Muse.
Pakistan Fourn JSTOR
Polar Record Cambridge University Press
Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique Project Muse.
Russian Review JSTOR
Shofar: An interdisciplinary Ji of Jewish Studies Project Muse.
Slavic Review JSTOR
Small Axe Projct Muse.
The China Journal JSTOR
The China Quarterly JSTOR
The Contemporary Pacific Project Muse.
The Slavic and East European Journal JSTOR
The South Atlantic Quarterly Project Muse.
The Washington Quartely Project Muse.
Wicazo Sa Review Project Muse.