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Centre for Converging Technologies

About the Centre logo

The world economy is undergoing fundamental structural changes driven by the globalization of business on the one hand and by the revolution in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the other. World economy may find a new equilibrium in the coming decades mainly because of the emergence of a set of changes based on synergies and confluence of Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics & Biotechnology, Information & Communication Technology and Cognitive & Neuroscience (NBIC). The integration and synergy of these four technologies originate from nanoscale where the building blocks of matter are established. Each of these technologies is currently progressing at a rapid rate. The Center for Converging Technologies (CCT) at the University of Rajasthan is conceptualized as a centre to strengthen quality education and to pursue high standard research in the frontier areas of NBIC technologies so as to accelerate techno-economic development of the country.

The centre is pursuing the following activities:

  • Creating and maintaining a critical mass of Converging Technologies research specialists who can effectively contribute tothe need of the industry and society. It focuses on research in areas like Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Information and Communication Technology.
  • Founding a strong training and research base in academia to make an attractive international training ground for Converging Technologies; Generating, designing,and applying new technologies in an innovative way.
  • Developing laboratories and facilities to efficiently engineer and design new products.
  • Promoting global level research in allied theoretical Science (logic, data structures and algorithms, computational complexity, database systems, knowledge representations, constraint satisfactions, artificialintelligence, intelligent agents, theoretical computer science and quantum computing), Systems Biology and Metabolomics.
  • Making special provisions to attract post-doctoral students in Converging Technologies to uplift the capacity for research.
  • Imparting postgraduate education in Converging Technologies.
  • Collaborating with Industry, National and International Institutes/Universities to augment research and achieve its objectives

Designed and Developed by:

Rimmi Jain (5th Sem) and Rohit Sharma (5th Sem)

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Meenakshi Verma

Designed and Developed By:

Rimmi Jain : rimms15@gmail.com
Rohit Sharma : rohitsharma.cct@gmail.com



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