List of Journals in Geography:

S.No. Name of Journal Place of Publication Editorial Address
1 Geographical Review of India Calcutta The Geographical Sociaty of India,
University of Kollota, Kollota
2. Indian Geographical Journal Chennai Indian Geographical Sociaty,
Department of Geography,
University of Chennai, Channai
3. Studies in Geography Jaipur Department of Geography,
University of rajasthan, Jaipur
4. Indian Cartographology Hyderabad Journal of INCA, Hyderabad
5. Indian Journal of Geomorphology Allahabad IGI, Department of Geography,
University of Allahabad,
6. Annals of National Association of
Geographers, India
New Delhi National Association of Geographer,
India(NAGI), New Delhi
7. The Observer Meerut Department of Geography,
Choudhary Charan Singh
University, Meerut
8. National Journal of Geography Varansi National Geographical Society,
Department of Geography,
B.H.University, varansi
9. Transaction Pune Institute of Indian Geographers,
Department of Geography, Pune
10. The Deccan Geographer Pune Deccan Geographical Society,
Department of Geography,
Pune University, Pune
11. Annals of Rajasthan Geographers Jaipur Department of Geography,
University of Rajasthan,
12.Indian Journal of GeographyJodhpurDepartment of Geography,
J.N.V University Jodhpur, Rajasthan
13.The GeographerAligarhAligargh Geographical Society,
Aligarh (UP)
14.BhudarshanUdaipurM.L. Sukhadiya University,
15.Geographical ReviewNew YorkThe American Geographial Society,
120, Wall Street, Suite 100, New York-10005
16.Punjab GeographersPatialaAssociation of Punjab,
Geographers, Patiala
17.The Goa GeographersGoaGoa Geographers's Association.
18.PhotonirvachakDehradoonIndian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS)
19.Annals of Association of American GeographersWashingtonAssociation of American Geographers,
1710, 16Th Street New York,
Washington DC- 20009
20.Professional GeographerWashingtonAssociation of American Geographers,
1710, 16Th Street New York,
Washington DC
21.Canadian GeographerMontrealThe Canadian Association of Geographers,
Dept. of Geography, Mc Gill
University, 805 sherbrook Street west,
Montreal Q.C., Canada,
22.Journal of Tropical GeographySingaporeDept. of Geography,
National University of Singapore, Singapore
23.Australian GeographerNew South WalesThe Geographical Society of New South west
Routlege NSW. 2162
24.Geographical JournalLondonRoyal Geographical Society
IBG, 1, Kensingten Gore, London
25.TransactionLondonInstitute of British Geographers,
Kensingten Gore, London
26.Geography TeacherWashingtonNational Council for Geographic Education, 1710
16thSteet New York, Washington DC.
27.AreaLondonRoyal Geographical Society,
IBG, 1, Kensingten Gore,
28.NewZealand GeographerAucklandThe NewZealand Geographical Society,
The University of Auckland, Auckland,NZ
29.South African Geographical JournalCaptownSociety of South African
Geographers, University of Captown,
Rondebosch, 7700, South Africa
30.Journal of Historical GeographyParisThe Paris Geographical Society, Paris
31.Journal of Berlin GeographersBerlinThe Berlin Geographical Society, Berlin, Germany
32.Journal of Russian Geographical SocietyMoscowRussian Geographical Society,Moscow