University of Rajasthan


S.No. Issued by No. Date Particulars
793.Offg. RegistrarEstt.I/2012/416631/12/2012Notification for extend the submission of application forms for all the teaching posts till date 31-01-2013.
792.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/411331/12/2012Appoint Prof. A.K. Nagawat as Director, Centre for Converging Technologies(CCT), UOR Jaipur.
791.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/406131/12/2012Appoint Dr. Shailendra Gupta as Director Infonet Centre, UOR Jaipur.
790.RegistrarNo. F.35-444/PP/2012/975031/12/2012Constitute the following Committee to monitor and implement the UPE Scheme sanctioned by the UGC under Holistic Development.
789.SECTION OFFICER (PP)No. F.34-11/PP/2012/9689-974029/12/2012Utilisation of SCP & TSP allocation of ICSSR.
788.Asstt. Registrarexam-4-a/2012-13/21892-91122/12/2012Regarding the following colleges open bank counter for deposit fees of exam form for Non-Collogiate Student.
787.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/1035922/12/2012Appoint Smt. Vinod Kanwar.
786.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/388422/12/2012Extend the term of Prof. B.C. Upreti, as Principal Univ. Rajasthan College, UOR Jaipur.
785.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/388422/12/2012Extend the term of Prof. N.K. Kumbhat, as Principal Univ. Commerce College, UOR Jaipur.
784.Asstt. RegistrarR.S./2012/1096421/12/2012Circular for Research Guides to be filled .
783.Asstt. Registrar4/exam-vivid/2012/21875-88221/12/2012Notification regarding making New Exam Centres session 2013 fees & date for university affiliated colleges.

New Exam Centre Form.
782.Finanace Controller & AdvisorA&F-III/Medical/2012/433621/12/2012Notification for the registration of Doctors/hospitals/Specialists/Nursing Homes/Homeopathic/Ayurvedic etc. with UOR Jaipur.
781.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/ information for I-Card Session 2011.
780.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/3730-380014/12/2012Regarding declaration of assets annually, has resolved (Res.No. 20) to adopt the same in the University and University Teachers and Officers should declare their immovable property annually.
779.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/ food wastage and ostentatious behavior during social gatherings like marriages/parties/meetings.
778.Department of MathematicsNo.MD/2012/88105/12/2012Meeting of Research Committee for Course Work of M.Phil./Ph.D. programme will be held on Friday 14, 2012 at 10.30 AM in the Deptt. of Mathematics.
777.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/970805/12/2012Appoint Shri Foolchand.
776.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/357901/12/2012Appoint Dr. Prabha Bhardwaj, Astt. Professor Deptt. of Music as Warden Annie Besant and Mother Teresa Hostels (Maharanis's College) UOR Jaipur.
775.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48/2012/359201/12/2012Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Beena Agarwal as Head of the Deptt. of Sanskrit, UOR Jaipur.
774.RegistrarRS/2012/10332-9330/11/2012To supply information in respect of the Research Scholars.
773.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/343829/11/2012University Activities/ Administrative work.
772.RegistrarPA/CE/2012/9851-6529/11/2012Constitute Examination Planning and Monitoring Committee of the following members for the University Examination 2013.
771.Dy.Registrar(A&F)A&F-I/Budget/2012/1095124/11/2012Budget Estimates for the year 2013-14 and Revised Budget Estimates for the year 2012-13 (Separate sets be prepared for Non-Plan, Self-Financing Schemes and Local Fund Accounts).
770.RegistrarF.17(1)/Acad.I/2012/949124/11/2012Nomination of three members for Finance Committee.
768.UOR-23/11/2012Rate Contract (valid up to 30-11-2013) Issued under the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Order for Central Purchase System.
767.UGC, New DelhiD.O.No.1-2/(XI Plan)20/11/2012Action Plan for Academic & Administrative Reforms.
766.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/329819/11/2012Extend the term of Ms. Neha Choudhary, Research Scholar, as Asstt. Warden in Mahi Girls Hostel.
765.RegistrarF.35-444/PP/2012/9186-920517/11/2012Constitute the following Advisory Committee for the UPE focused Area Programme "Materials and Converging Sciences: nano-particles, nano-composites and multilayers.
764.DeanDSW/Y.F./2012/840403/11/2012 Inter College Youth Festival.
763.Dy.RegistrarA&F-IV/2012/2027-207803/11/2012 Financial Assistance to University Research Scholars for the Year 2012-13.
762.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/4534-463326/10/2012 A Compaign for registration in Vidhan Sabha Constituency Voting list for student of colleges/University.
761.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/300926/10/2012Appoint Prof.(Mrs.) Asha Pande, Deptt. of ELLCS as Co-coordinator Centre of European Studies.
760.Exam.ControllerF6(3)Exam5-A/Legal/2012/8923120/10/2012Exam Date extended of I,II & Year Exam.
759.RegistrarAcad.I/2012/9352m20/10/2012NOTIFICATION NO. 6 (ORDINANCE).
758.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./110/2012/440220/10/2012Instructions for Agency Contract base employes regular work on dashara/diwali holidays.
756.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/2894-294018/10/2012In continuation to this office letter No. Estt.I/2012/2894-2940

The VC constituted a committee reguired information in the enclosed performa of such Asstt. Prof. who is absorbed by Ord. 2008 in your department.
755.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/273918/10/2012Appoint Dr. R.A. Sharma as Vice Principal, Univ. Maharaja's College UOR Jaipur.
754.RegistrarEstt-I/Mise-II-150-E/2012/279118/10/2012VC is pleased to allowed to continue Prof. J.D. Sharma as Vice Principal Univ. Maharani's College UOR Jaipur
753.RegistrarEstt-I/Mise-II-150-E/2012/284318/10/2012Appoint the following teachers as Vice-Principal in the Univ. Maharani's College, UOR Jaipur
752.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/267515/10/2012The following persons as Warden in the Hostels has been extended for a period of one year or till further order.
751.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/9591-7912/10/2012Collection of information regarding OBC students, Caste Wise.
750.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./HAC/2012/419712/10/2012List of applicants (Teaching/Non Teaching Staff) who have applied for University Residential Accommodation upto 31 Aug, 2012.
749.RegistrarNo Chem/2012/122910/10/2012Guideliness for contribution of "Chem News Letter" Deptt. of Chemistry UOR Jaipur.
748.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48-(V)/2012/254906/10/2012Appoint Prof. Preeta Joshi as Head of the Deptt. of Public Admn. UOR Jaipur.
747.Finanace Controller & AdvisorAcc&Fin/Audit/2012/Notficn/Vivid-4/275-37506/10/2012Instructions to keep the copy of Voucher with abstract of all deptt. for audit works.
746.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/9095-124m04/10/2012Appoint Prof. T.N. Mathur Deptt. of EAFM, as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce UOR Jaipur.
745.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/9487-9304/10/2012Regarding preparation of Annual Report 2010-12(Constituent College).
744.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/9287-933827/09/2012Regarding preparation of Annual Report 2010-12(Univ. Teaching Departments).
743.Finanace Controller & AdvisorL.V./2012/365-46522/09/2012following instructions for Central Purchasing System
742.Admn Secy to VcVCS/2012/2315-241418/09/2012Regarding Send regularly important work of Consolidated Monthly Report.
741.RegistrarEdut-II/2012/900414/09/2012Regarding PG classes optional Papers.
740.RegistrarEdut-II/2012/893514/09/2012Re-admission for regular student last date 21-09-2012 with late fees.
739.Admn Secy to VcVCS/2012/2300-237013/09/2012University Newsletter 'Glimpses'.
738.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/210413/09/2012Extend the term of Miss Anjana Arya, Research Scholar in Law as Asstt. Warden in Kasturba Girls Hostel..
737.RegistrarEstt.I/Misc-II-150(B)/2012/213013/09/2012Appoint Dr.(Ms) Nilima Singhvi, Astt. Professor in Physics as Vice Principal, University Maharaja's College.
736.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/352111/09/2012CONDOLENCE MEETING.
735.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/890208/09/2012Re-constitute the Editorial Board of the Glimpses to ensure regular publication of Glimpses, a Newsletter of the University of Rajasthan.
734.RegistrarF-35-287/PP/2012/5030-5108/09/2012The following Member's appoint in Academic Staff College, Universities.
733.Admn Secy to VcVCS/2012/2218-227705/09/2012VC to request you to kindly ensure that no teacher of your Deptt./College should take class(s) of SFS Course on the same day on which he/she remains on leave.
732.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/8661-74030/08/2012The following Committee to prepare Annual Report for the academic session 2010-11 and 2011-12.
731.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/858125/08/2012Re-admission form submittion date extended.
730.RegistrarEstt.I/Misc-II-48(V)/2012/156625/08/2012Appoint Prof.(Mrs.) Maya Rani Tak as Head of the Deptt. of Music.
729.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/256117/08/2012CONDOLENCE MEETING.
728.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/266217/08/2012Notice for all employees & teachers related to student election 2012.
727.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/246016/08/2012Student Election 2012.
726.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/235316/08/2012I Card must for employees in university campus.
724.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2012/2186-228513/08/2012Notification related to regular students I-Card session 2012-13
723.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/137111/08/2012Extend the term of appointment on post mentioned their names of the following teachers.
722.RegistrarA&F-III/Medical/2012/408709/08/2012Revised list of approved different categories of medicals centres for the treatment of the University employees.
721.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./H.A.C./2012/200309/08/2012"University of Rajasthan Residence Rules 1982" & Application form allotment of University Accommodation for Residential Purpose.
720.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./11/2012/205409/08/2012Student Election 2012.
719.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/128804/08/2012Appoint Dr. Seema Agarwal as Head of the Deptt. of Anthropology.
718.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/127404/08/2012Extend the term of Ms. Alka Bairwa, Research Scholar in Sanskrit as Asstt. Warden in Mahi Girls Hostel.
717.RegistrarPS/Regr/Estt.-I/2012/120301/08/2012Appoint Prof. Shashi Sahay as Head of the Deptt. of Political Science.
716.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48(IV)/2012/120301/08/2012Appoint Prof. D.S. Chouhan as Head of the Deptt. of Mathematics.
715.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/380731/07/2012Notification related to DR. & AR for cancellation of exam.
714.RegistrarEstt-II/2012/3396-349727/07/2012The following criteria for considering the names of the employees for reward on 26th Jan and 15th Aug.
713.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/365725/07/2012Detail of DR. & AR related to held SCRUTINY COMMITTEE.
712.RegistrarEstt.-II/2012/109923/07/2012Appoint the following persons as warden in the hostels.
711.RegistrarN0. F.35-475/PP/2012/1641-171023/07/2012Reconstitute the following committee as under to look into the enhancement of the R&D environment of the University.
710.RegistrarEstt.-I/2012/1023-107320/07/2012Constituted a committee to asses the workload status in the various teaching departments, as well as constituent Colleges.
709.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/306620/07/2012Appoint Shri Rajesh Kumar Sharma.
708.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/95719/07/2012The following faculty members are deputed to work in URATPG entrance test for admission to P.G. courses.
707.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/1167-126619/07/2012Regarding celebration the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on 12th January, 2013.
706.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2012/1409-150819/07/2012Related to regular students I Card for session 2012-13.
705.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./45/2012/130819/07/2012Notice for Independence Day "15 August 2012".
704.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/794016/07/2012Again extended date of Re-Admission Forms 2012-13.
703.Controller of ExaminationsExam 5-a/2012/456016/07/2012Noification of B.Ed. Examinations 2012
Centre List of B.Ed. Exam. 2012
702.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/93814/07/2012Regarding scheme of revision of pay of teachers and equivalent cadres in universities and colleges.
701.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/269014/07/2012Appoint Shri Rakesh.
700.Admn Secy to VCNo.VCS/2012/1831-183604/07/2012Extended date of Re-Admission Forms of all eligible regular UG students of part-II and Part -III (B.A./B.Com./B.Sc.) Pass and Honours Programmes of session 2012-13.
699.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-(V)/2012/61004/07/2012Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Vibha Upadhyaya, as Head of the Deptt. of History, UOR Jaipur.
698.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/69404/07/2012Extend the term of Dr. Vidhya Jain as Director, Gandhian Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
697.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/584204/07/2012Constitute the following Central Admission Board for the session 2012-13.
696.Dy. RegistrarRS/MPAT-2012/5202-522628/06/2012Appoint the following team for conducting M.Phil./Ph.D. Admission Test (MPAT-2012).
695.Dy. RegistrarRS/MPAT-2012/524928/06/2012Appoint of Prof. D. C. Jain as Convener, M.Phil./Ph.D. Admission Test (MPAT-2012).
694.Addl. RegistrarAcad.II/2012/561127/06/2012Constitute the following Central Weightage Committee for the admissions session 2012-13.
693.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/44323/06/2012The following teachers will retire from University service during the period from 1st July 2012 to 30 June 2013.
692.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/51523/06/2012Appoint the following teachers as Associate Proctor in the Proctorial Board UOR Jaipur.
691.RegistrarNo.Exam-III/RE/2012/5911-691020/06/2012Provide certified photo copy of evaluated/revaluated answer books to the examinee on applying for the same on the prescribed application from only.
690.RegistrarF9/Gen.Adm/16/2012/51818/06/2012Regarding celebration of 26th June as the international day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking(IDDAIT).
689.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/299018/06/2012Anti-Ragging Committee for the Academic Session 2012-13.
688.RegistrarEstt-I/mise-II-150(D)/2012/37118/06/2012Appoint Prof.(Mrs.) Anju Bhatia, as Head of the Deptt. of Home Science, UOR Jaipur
687.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/499718/06/2012Notification for again Extended date of online admission Form.
686.RegistrarNo.F.35-434/PP/2012/980-106316/06/2012Appoint Prof.(Mrs.) Damyanti Gupta as Director, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy.
685.RegistrarNo.Acad.II/2012/294416/06/2012Appoint Prof. Mridul Srivastava as Convener to hold entrance test for admission in L.L.B.course in the university Law College, Centre-I and Centre-II for the session 2012-13.
684.Adm Secy to VCNo.VCS/2012/1645-168815/06/2012Renotice of University Newsletter'GLIMPSES'.
683.RegistrarAca.II/2012/423315/06/2012Notification for Extended date of online admission Form (Eng.)
Notification for Extended date of online admission Form (PRO. Hindi)
682.RegistrarF9/Gen.Adm/store/2012/3812-391114/06/2012Related to Central Purchasing System
681.RegistrarEstt-I/mise-II-150(D)/2012/32614/06/2012Appoint Dr. S.P.S. Shekhawat as Principal, University Law College,Center-II, UOR Jaipur
680.Controller of ExaminationsExam-5-a/B.Ed./2012/3115-6413/06/2012The Colleges of adjusted PTET student are required to obtain exam form from University
679.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/263-32512/06/2012Appoint Prof. N.D. Mathur as Hony. Director, University Central Library, UOR Jaipur
678.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2012/3812-391110/06/2012Related to Central Purchasing System

University Purchasing System
677.Vice-ChancellorVCS/12/1443-152308/06/2012Minutes of the meeting of the Deans, Directors, Head of the Deptt. and Principals held on 6th may 2012 UOR Jaipur

676.RegistrarEstt-I//Mise-II-48(IV)/2012/18007/06/2012Appoint Prof. Jagdish Prasad as Head of the Deptt. of Statistics, UOR Jaipur
675.RegistrarEstt-I//Mise-II-48(IV)/2012/12-7505/06/2012Appoint Dr. Sangeeta Sharma as Director Shri Guru Govind Singh Study Centre,UOR Jaipur
674.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/79-17805/06/2012The following Associate Professors Promoted to the Post of Professors.
673.RegistrarAcad-II/2012/282031/05/2012Inspection for colleges courses B.Ed./B.P.Ed./M.Ed. for session 2012-13
672.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/655229/05/2012Prof. Vinita Sreen will look work of warden maharani's colleges hostels.
670.RegistrarF20(1)Acad.I/2012/7812-17M25/05/2012Appoint Dr. M.S. Chundawat as Secretary, university Sports Board.
669.Public Relations OfficerP.R.O./2012/883-98225/05/2012Consolidated monthly report relating to imp. academic and non-academic achievement of deptt./colleges/centres.
668.RegistrarEstt-I/2012/639222/05/2012Appoint Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, as Director, Nehru Studies Centre,Deptt. of History & Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan.
667.University Sports BoardUSB/2012/511222/05/2012Appoint Dr. M.S. Chundawat as Secretary, Sports Board, University of Rajasthan.
666.RegistrarAcad.I/2012/7621-795m22/05/2012Notification of BOS of Busn. Admn. the following changes in the scheme of examination of BBA Course Univ. Exam 2011.
665.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48(III)2012/638122/05/2012Appoint Prof. J.P.Sharma, as Head of the Deptt. of EAFM,University of Rajasthan.
664.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/631022/05/2012Extend the term of Dr. Mahesh Koolwal, as joint Director Five-Year Integrated Law Course, University of Rajasthan.
663Prof.Sudha Rai(Chief Editor-GLIMPSES)VCS/12/1320-138021/05/2012University Newsletter"GLIMPSES"
662RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/85021/05/2012Appointment of Manoj Sain.
661Registrarf-9/ and Miner Works 2012-13 Committee members.
660.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/6058-615012/05/2012Please Send a list of reputed journals of your subject/fields for its approval by the Academic Council.
659.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/599708/05/2012Retired Teachers of the university of Rajasthan.
658.Addl.RegistrarAca-II/2012/163330/4/2012Current Academic Session 2011-12 has been extended upto 19 May 2012.
657.RULETRULET201230/04/2012Extention of last date of RULET 2012 to 10 May 2012.
656.Controller of ExaminationsExam-III/RE/2012/233528/4/2012Application form for Answer Book Under RTI ACt-2005.
655.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/143425/4/2012Re-constitute the Editorial Board of the following Persons to ensure regular publication of Glimpses, a Newsletter of univ of Raj.
654.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/578725/4/2012Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Alpana kateja as Head of the Deptt. of Economics, UOR Jaipur.
653.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/584125/4/2012Appoint Prof. S.l.Sharma as Hon.Director,Social Sciences Research Centre UOR Jaipur.
652.Adm Secy to V CVCS/2012/929-99924/04/12Renotice of Central Purchasing system.
651.RegistrarAcad.I/2012/7339-428m23/4/2012India Today Questionnaire from -Nielsen, University Ranking Survry-2012.
650.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/14119/4/2012Affiliation Rules for private colleges based on UGC regarding norms for land and endowment fund.
649.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/33819/4/2012Following persons to implement the decision regarding admission.
648.Adm Secy to V CVCS/2012/825-90418/04/12Notice for Additional Administrative Responsibilities.
647.Adm Secy to V CVCS/2012/745-82418/04/12A Meeting on "Pg Programme related Grading system" held on 20th April,2012 at 2 VC Secrt. UOR Jaipur
646.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/5647-571716/4/2012Revised panel of subject experts of Deptt/Centre.
645.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150-A/2012/559416/04/2012Appoint Dr. Naresh Malik,as Vice-Principal University Rajasthan College UOR Jaipur
644.Adm Secy to V CVCS/2012/642-70009/04/12Central Purchasing system.
643.RegistrarAcad.II/2012/Prospectus/3705/4/2012Dr. Shailendra Gupta has been included in the joint Prospectus Committee,UOR Jaipur
642.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/547705/4/2012Appoint Prof.(Mrs.) J.D. Sharma as Chief Warden(girls),UOR Jaipur
641.RegistrarAcad-I/2012/7198-211m03/04/2012 Following Adhoc Committee of Courses in Visual Arts.
640.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/533127/3/2012Appoint Prof.S.G. Sharma Deptt. of ABST as Coordinator, NSS.
639.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/526927/3/2012Appoint Prof. J.P.N. Sharma as Hony.Director,P.G. School of Commerce UOR Jaipur
638.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/503820/3/2012List of Promotion Associate professors to Post of Professors.
637.RegistrarAcad-II/2012/Prospectus/1669017/3/2012Constitute the Joint Prospectus Committee Consisting the following Persons
636.Asstt.RegistrarRakio/logo/2012/355-6814/3/2012Logo(Insignia) for Rajasthan Farmer's Commission
635.Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/B/Part-I/2012/683910/3/2012Syndicate Decission for Ex-Students.
634.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/432209/3/2012Re-constitute the Study Leave Committee to consider the cases for the grant of Study Leave to Teaching & Non-Teaching Employees.
633Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/261904/03/2012List of Colleges Correction Exam Centre 2012.
632Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/842103/03/2012List of with Correction Exam Centre 2012.
631Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/609003/03/2012New Exam Centre.
630Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/611703/03/2012Notice related to Rajasthan college Exam centre.
629Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/611203/03/2012Notice for Change Exam Center of Non-Collegiate.
628.RegistrarSanstha-2/2012/13109-21102/3/2012Notice information of Contract base Employees. the following Committee for preparing tender documents for the life cycle programme.
626Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/839329/02/2012Notice for Non-Collegiate Student Exam-Center 2012 in Jaipur
625Registrarf-9/ Cleaning Maintenance of University Campus.
624.RegistrarEstt.1/2012/420529/02/12Dr.J.P.N. Sharma, as Vice-Principal,Univ. Commerce College,Extended for period of one year or till further orders.
623.RegistrarV.G.Ad./2012/760925/02/12Budget of Vidhansabha
622.Adm Secy to V CVCS/2012/293-36323/02/12Commencement of the Univ.Exam 2012 from 3rd March,2012.
621Controller of Examinations---22/02/2012Centre Code List of Non-Collegiate,Regular and Ex-student for Examination 2012. a Committee of the following Persons to conduct the Pre-M.Ed. Entrance Test 2012.
619Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/804221/02/2012List of Non-Collegiate Student Exam-Center 2012
618University Law CollegeULC/ps/2012/45221/02/2012ULC-Ranka National Moot-Court Competition-2012
617Controller of ExaminationsExam 5-A/Law/2012/6437518/02/2012Instructions of Fill Online Law Examination Form 2012.
616Dy.RegistrarF.35-417/PP/6106-2018/02/2012Re-constitute the following Steering committee for the Centre for Converging Technology.
615Dy.RegistrarF.35-417/PP/2012/6046-4914/02/2012Centre for Non-Conventional Energy Resource(CNCER) prof.Reeta Arora,Deptt.of Education as Coordinator to conduct Pre-M.Ed.Exam 2012-13.
613Dy.RegistrarF.35-469/PP/2012/5833-9611/02/2012"Publicatio Board"
612RegistrarF.35-460/PP/2011/5638-572208/02/2012UGC has sanctioned some additional Development grant to the University under XI Plan.
611Registrarf-9/,Painting,Maintenance Permission by SFS/local Fund.
610Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/7358-51708/02/2012List of Exam Centers of New Colleges.
609Controller of ExaminationsExam 5-A/2012/5911-5007/02/2012Notification of related to Examination for MBA Student.
608RegistrarF.35-287/PP/2006/5724-4104/02/2012Appoint Prof.K.N. Vyas,as member in the Advisory Committee of Academic Staff College UOR jaipur.
607RegistrarAcad-I/2012/6362-78m04/02/2012Re-constitute a Adhoc committee of Courses in Converging Technology of the following members..
606Registrarf-9/ International Yuva Festival Ghumar 2011 on 6th to 8th Feb.2012.
605Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/63075-47403/02/2012Notice of Practical Exam Centre.
604RegistrarEstt.I/2012/394102/02/2012Appoint Dr.Mini Nanda,as Director of Woman Studies Centre,UOR Jaipur.
603RegistrarEstt.I/2012/384131/01/2012Appoint the following persons as Associate Dean Students' Welfare.
602Section Officer(PP)F.35-MISC/pp/2011/5384-545028/01/2012Enhancement of fellowship amount of the Research Fellows/Project Fellows,SAP of UGC.
601.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/378228/01/2012Appoint Dr. R.N.Jat, as Director University Centre for Computer Science & Information Tech. UOR Jaipur
600.Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/639625/01/2012Notification for affilated colleges whom affiliation is granted after 22-12-2011
599.Controller of ExaminationsExam 4-A/2012/599525/01/2012Notification for regular/previous students whose RE result or UM case decision declared after 31-12-2011
598.Registrarf-9/ of 15 march,2012(Sheetala Ashtmi).
597.Registrarf-9/ University M.S.R Committee Meeting for Repair, Maintenance and Construction work of Departments.
596.Registrarf-9/ Team For Visit in University.
595.Asstt.Registrarf-34-475/PP/2011/5162-7612/01/2012Appoint Prof. B.K.Srivastava as convener of Institutional Bio-safety Committee,UOR jaipur.
594.RegistrarEstt.I/2012/359310/01/2012Appoint the following teachers as Vice-Principal,University Rajasthan College,UOR jaipur.
593.RegistrarEstt.II/2011/10652-1075009/01/2012Reward deserving non-teaching employees.
592.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150-D/2012/355307/01/2012Appoint Dr.(Mrs.) Madhu Shastri,Asstt.Professor as Vice-Principal in the Univ. Law College-centre-I(Morning).
591.Registrarf-9/ Republic Day On"26 Jan. 2012"
590.Controller of ExaminationsExam 5-A/2012/976805/01/2012Instructions of B.Ed & M.Ed 2012 Online Exam Form.
589.Addll.RegistrarAcad-II/2011/15390-44803/01/2012Regarding admission of Kashmiri Migrants.
588.Addll.Registrar,Univ. PressV.V.P/2011/7050-716003/01/2012University Press.
587.RegistrarEstt.I/2011/346903/01/2012Notice for Certain cases persons appointed for a fix tenure/term.
586.Controller of ExaminationsExam-4-A/2012/466602/01/2012Notice of Online Examination Form