University of Rajasthan


S.No. Issued by No. Date Particulars
1095.RegistrarEstt-I/Mise-II-150(C)/2014/981406/01/2014Extend the term of Dr. R.S. Sharma, Deptt. of ABST, as Vice-Principal, University Commerce College.
1094.RegistrarF.No.7(2)/acad.I/2014/17446-1834006/01/2014Postponement of faculty meetings.
1093.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/970804/01/2014Appoint Dr. S.S. Somra, Deptt. of Economics, as Dy. Director, Social Science Research Centre, UOR Jaipur.
1092.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/9079-917930/12/2013An Interaction Meeting for improvement of overall Academic environment of the University will be held on 3rd January 2014 at 04.00 P.M. in VC Sectt. (Senate Hall).
1091.CF & FAA&F-I/Budget/2013/328627/12/2013Schedule of Budget Discussions.
1090.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/Selection/944526/12/2013On the basis of recommendations of the Selection Committee the following candidate appointed for Assistant Professors in department of Botany
1089.RegistrarNo.F.35-326/PP/2013/7499-757824/12/2013VC has been nominate the following members in the Planning & Monitoring Board in the University Ordinance 347(i).
1088.RegistrarEstt.I/Misc-II-150(C)/2013/936824/12/2013Extend the term of Dr. M.L. Sharma as Vice Principal University Commerce College, UOR Jaipur.
1087.RegistrarF-29-77/PP/2013/7480-9724/12/2013Re-constitute the following Advisory Committee for CAS under SAP Programme in the university deptt. of chemistry.
1086.RegistrarRS/UPE-NNF/2013/12254-31023/12/2013The following Non NET qualified M.Phil./Ph.D. Scholars have been eligible for UGC fellowship and contigency under the UPE scheme.
1085.RegistrarNo.F.35-501/PP/2013/7402-741023/12/2013VC approved following allocation of fund for different programme under UPE.
1084.RegistrarExam-5-B/2013/ 21/12/2013 Following candidates are not eligible from the list (Order No.95674) to whom laptops will be distributed.
1083.RegistrarExam-5-B/2013/9567419/12/2013 List of toppers of different exams of session 2012-13 to whom laptops will be distributed.
1082.RegistrarRS/UPE-NNF/2013/12041-11319/12/2013Regarding UGC UPE Non-NET Fellowship (In Continuation Office Order No/ RS/UPE-NNF/2013/11061-118 Dated: 30.11.2013).
1081.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/862119/12/2013Notice for Condolence Meeting.
1080.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/Selection/917219/12/2013On the basis of recommendations of the Selection Committee the following candidate appointed for Assistant Professors in department of Botany
1079.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/Selection/903218/12/2013On the basis of recommendations of the Selection Committee the following candidate appointed for Assistant Professors in department of ABST
1078.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/843918/12/2013Meeting to finalize the content for "GLIMPSES"(Special issue for Foundation day) as per the programme at Vc Secretariat (Senate Hall).
1077.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/909218/12/2013Appoint Dr. Mahesh Chand Koolwal, Deptt. of Law, Additional Charge of the Post of Director, Five Year integrated Law Course, UOR Jaipur.
1076.RegistrarF.No.20(1)Acad.I/2013/16642-65817/12/2013Following Four physical directors are appointed as a members of the sports board committee.
1075.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/8288-838817/12/2013Second Notification related to physical verification & Auction.
1074.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/888717/12/2013Appoint Prof. S.G. Sharma, Deptt. of ABST as Convener. Central Monitoring Committee to monitor the work of the recruitment for the post of Professor, Associate Prof. & Asstt. Professor in response to the Advt.No.-3/2012/Tdated 01/11/2012.
1073.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48(Vol-VI)/2013/882517/12/2013Prof. Rita Arora will continue as Head of the Department of Education, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
1072.RegistrarExam (Misc.)/2013/16/12/2013Revised-List of outstanding amount of Examination forms from various affiliated colleges.
1071.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/Inspection/30451114/12/2013Regarding the Appointment of following teachers mentioned for the inspection of colleges for session 2013-14.
1070.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/Inspection/30455714/12/2013Regarding the Appointment of following teachers in the place of teachers mentioned for the inspection of colleges for session 2013-14.
1069.RegistrarAcad-II/Penalty/2013/3404907/12/2013All the Principals of the Colleges on which penalty for excess admissions made in the session 2011-12 & 2012-13 is imposed.
1068.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48(Vol-VI)/2013/834104/12/2013Appointed Dr. (Mrs.) Lata Agarwal, Professor as Head, Deptt. of EAFM University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
1067.RegistrarEstt.-I/Mise-II-48(Vol-VI)/2013/829504/12/2013Appointed Dr. Navin Mathur, Professor as Head, Deptt. of Bus. Adm. University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
1066.RegistrarExam (Misc.)/2013/10454-5804/12/2013Notification Regarding the outstanding amount of Examination forms from various affiliated colleges

List of Affiliated Colleges who have outstanding amount of Examination forms
1065.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/681830/11/2013Due to state assembly election, 1/12/2013 (Sunday) is declared as public holiday
1064.RegistrarEstt./2013/798628/11/2013Appoint Sh. Rakesh Meena, Deptt. of Law as Warden ,Arawali Hostel.
1063.RegistrarEstt./2013/793228/11/2013Appoint Dr. Krishna Gupta, Deptt. of EAFM as Warden ,Mother Teresa Hostel.
1062.Controller-ExamExam-6-A/2013/876428/11/2013College Names to be removed from university examwebsite.
1061.Controller-ExamExam-6-A/2013/799328/11/2013College Names to be removed from university examwebsite.
1060.Controller-ExamExam-5-B/2013/945127/11/2013Provisional Merit list of students for sesion 2012-13.
1059.RegistrarCE/Exam-2013/8210-5926/11/2013Notification regarding filling up examination form for those student who have already filled revalution form.
1058.RegistrarExam.Misc.2013/8104-1125/11/2013Regarding HPCL order no.(Exam/Misc./2013/68-75 dated 04/05/2013).
1057.RegistrarF.29-592/PP/2013/6523-3025/11/2013Appoint Prof. S.L. Sharma, Deptt. of Sociology as Co-ordinator of the SAP-DRS-II Programme.
1056.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/Inspection/3363925/11/2013Regarding the Appointment of following teachers in the place of teachers mentioned for the inspection of colleges for session 2013-14.
1055.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/Inspection/3369525/11/2013Regarding the Appointment of following teachers for the inspection of colleges for session 2013-14.
1054.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/783725/11/2013Appoint Dr. S.P.S. Shekhawat, Deptt. of Law as Director(Additional Charge), Five Year Law College, UOR Jaipur.
1053.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/777325/11/2013Appoint Dr. Y.K. Sharma, Deptt. of Physics as Director, C.D.P.E., UOR Jaipur.
1052.RegistrarExam Misc/2013/7407-1322/11/2013VC nominate following technical members regarding E-procurement system.
1051.Asstt. Registrar--21/11/2013Minutes for House Allocation Committee.
1050.CF&FAA&F-I/budget/2013/317921/11/2013Budget Estimates for the year 2014-15 and Revised Budget Estimates for the year 2013-14(Separate sets be prepared for Non-Plan, Self-Financing Schemes and Local Fund Accounts).
1049.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/766120/11/2013The VC to grant leave without pay for a period of three years to Prof. R.L. Godara, Deptt. of EAFM.
1048.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/767320/11/2013Appoint Dr. Krishna Gupta, Associate Professor, Deptt. of EAFM, as Warden, Annie Besant Hostel & Mother Teresa Hostel, UOR Jaipur.
1047.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/398619/11/2013Regarding Payment of Winter Uniform Dress for Employes Eligible for it.
1046.RegistrarF.29-353/PP/2013/6275-8219/11/2013Appoint Prof. Kanan Bala Sharma, Deptt. of Physics, as Co-ordinator, SAP (at the level of DSA Programme).
1045.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/754218/11/2013Appoint Dr. (Mrs.) Pramila Poonia as Dy. Director, Buddist Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
1044.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/731714/11/2013Extended the term of the following teachers as Warden (Boys) UOR, Jaipur.
1043.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/3507-351608/11/2013Auction Committee.
1042.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/3452-350208/11/2013Notification regarding physical verification & Auction.
1041.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/711707/11/2013Appoint Dr. Shailendra Gupta, Associate Professor & Director, Infonet centre as Nodal Officer of University of Rajasthan for AISHE and Dr. Deepak Saxena as Addl. Nodal Officer.
1040.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/701123/10/2013Appoint Dr. Nimali Singh, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Home Science as Dy. Director, Infonet Centre, UOR Jaipur.
1039.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/682419/10/2013Appoint Dr. Purnima Kaushik, as Head of the Deptt. of Library Science, UOR Jaipur.
1038.Dy. RegistrarDr(S-I)/Panel/2014/92646-94515/10/2013Preparation of Panel of Examiners for 2014 Examinations..
1037.Vice-ChancellorVCS/2013/1576-165614/10/2013The esteemed committee members to visit our university and interact with the dignitaries of the university on 20th october 2013 at 9.00 A.M. at the senate hall of the univsersity and in this connection a briefing session will also be hold on 18th October 2013 at 10.00 A.M. at the VC Secretariat.
1036.RegistrarPS/REGR/2013/172314/10/2013As per VC order dated 10-10-2013, Shri Sultan Singh, CF&FA will hold the charge of Registrar till further orders.
1035.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-Vol-VII/2013/6610-6010/10/2013Appoint Dr. Prahlad Rai, as Head of the department Law, UOR, Jaipur.
1034.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/6692-674110/10/2013Appoint Dr. Hari Mohan Mittal, as Principal, University Law College, UOR, Jaipur.
1033.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/640109/10/2013Office order Sanstha-2/2013/6005& 6106 dated-27/09/2013 regarding the promotion of U.D.C. to Assistant/Accountant will be kept in abeyance till further orders.
1032.Vice-ChancellorVCS/2013/1478-155708/10/2013All Departments/Centres/Constituent Colleges to send their academics information as per enclosed table to VC Secretariate.
1031.RegistrarF.17(1)/Acad.I/2013/14937-5508/10/2013The Syndicate has nominated the following members to serve on the Finance Committee.
1030.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/303308/10/2013Notice for Condolence Meeting.
1029.Asstt. RegistrarS.No.-4/Exam Regr/2013/1856-6507/10/2013Application Form regarding new exam centres and extension of previous exam centres for the Session 2013-14.
1028.Dy. RegistrarF.35-412/PP/2013/5330-539707/10/2013Submission of Information from Departments/Centres/Constituent Colleges.
1027.RegistrarF.No.16(1)/Acad.I/2013/14864-90304/10/2013Appoint Dr. D.S. Chouhan, Deptt. of Mathematics as Dean of the faculty of Science, UOR, Jaipur.
1026.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/632801/10/2013Appoint Prof. P.K. Kotia, Deptt. of E.A.F.M. as Director, APTC.
1025RegistrarEstt.I/2013/620201/10/2013Appoint Prof. Kanan Bala Sharma, Deptt. of Physics as Head, Department of USIC.
1024.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/615201/10/2013Appoint Dr. Ram Avatar Sharma, Deptt. of Botany as Incharge, University Garden.
1023.RegistrarF-35-287/PP/2013/5272-529130/09/2013Constitute the Advisiory Committee of the following members for ASC.
1022.RegistrarF-35-412/PP/2013/5080-514028/09/2013 A Format of "Evalution Report of the Department."
1021.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2596-274527/09/2013Regarding Signature Campaign of students to encourage them about voting.
1020.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/592225/09/2013The following Assistant/Accountant promoted to Section officers.
1019.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/588525/09/2013The following Assistant/Accountant promoted to Section officers.
1018.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/600124/09/2013Appoint Dr. Madhu Jain Deptt. of Psychology as Director, Department of Life Long Learning (D.L.L.L.), UOR Jaipur.
1017.RegistrarEstt.I/Misc-II-150-(A)/2013/5955-600024/09/2013Appoint Dr. M.K. Jain Deptt. of Economics as Vice-Principal, University Rajasthan College, UOR Jaipur.
1016.Registrar 21/09/2013Regarding formation of committee by Vice-chancellor for CAS promotion of teachers.
1015.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/227419/09/2013Notice for Condolence Meeting.
1014.Registrar--17/09/2013Tentative Schedule of Meeting of Selection Committee for the following Subjects-(Revised-03-10-2013).
1013.University Maharaja CollegeMCG/13/54117/09/2013Constituted the following Proctorial Board in University Maharaja College for Session 2013-14.
1012.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/2101-220016/09/2013Notice for Condolence Meeting.
1011.RegistrarEstt.I/Misc-II-150(B)/2013/550913/09/2013Appoint the following teachers as Vice-Principal, University Maharaja's College.
1010.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/29892-9712/09/2013Menace of ragging in higher educational institutions.
1009.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/30571-8512/09/2013Regarding Admissions in the Affiliated Colleges of University of Rajasthan.
1008.Director, APTCAPTC/2013/70-10012/09/2013Admission notice of the Pre-Entry Training Classes for various Central/ State & Bank Services/UGC-NET Examination, APTC, UOR Jaipur.
1007.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/5406-550011/09/2013An Interactive Session with Prof. S.P. Tyagrajan, Former VC, University of Madras, Chennai, will be held on 23th Sept. 2013 between 11.00 A.M. to 1.30 P.M. at Humanities Hall, UOR jaipur.
1006.RegistrarAcad-I/2013/1442111/09/2013Appoint following two members on the Sports Board under the provision of clause (1) of Ord. 341 of the University Hand-Book Part-II Volume-III for a fresh term of three years w.e.f. 14/08/2013.
1005.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/194711/09/2013University M.S.R. Mad Committee.
1004.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/539107/09/2013The benefit of promotion to these teachers shall be extended.
1003.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150(E)/2013/529507/09/2013Appoint Dr. Meena Jain, Deptt. of Psychology as Vice-Principal (Arts) University Maharani's College, UOR Jaipur.
1002.RegistrarF-35-412/PP/2013/2888-290606/09/2013Constituted the following committee to look into the affairs of IQAC.
1001.Dy. RegistrarF-35-412/PP/2013/2868-8606/09/2013The Meeting of the Steering Committee to co-ordinate preparations for NAAC Re-Accreditation of University, has been fixed to be held on 7th Sept, 2013 at 3.00 P.M. in the VC Secretariat, UOR Jaipur.
1000.Dy. RegistrarF-35-510/PP/2013/2908-292606/09/2013The Meeting of the IQAC established in the University as per NAAC guidelines has been fixed to be held on 6th Sept, 2013 at 3.00 P.M. in the VC Secretariat, UOR Jaipur.
999.RegistrarRS/2013/672804/09/2013To supply necessary information about Research Scholars in respect of UPE fellowship w.e.f. 2.6.12 onwards.
998.PS to VCVCS/2013/1235-130502/09/2013Departments/Centre/College to send the teaching schedule (teacher-wise) to Vice-Chancellor
997.PS to VCVCS/2013/1306-137002/09/2013General Interaction of Vice-Chancellor with students of all departments/centres on Sept. 6,2013 at 11:00 am in University Humanities Hall.
996.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/516902/09/2013Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Vibha Upadhyaya, as Director, Buddist Studies Centre, UOR jaipur.
995.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150(B)/2013/511602/09/2013Appoint Prof. Deepak Bhatnagar, as Principal, University Maharaja's College UOR jaipur.
994.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/523702/09/2013Appoint Prof. Rita Arora, as Director, Deptt. of Life Long Learning (D.L.L.L.) UOR jaipur.
993.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/3078631/08/2013Equivalence list of Examination of other Universities.
992.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/4931-498031/08/2013Date Extended for submitting Biodata/application form alongwith self-appraisal form for promotion under CAS.
991.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/1641-174131/08/2013To Send the list of Officials/Employees of all the department to general admn. for Vidhan Sabha Election 2013.
990.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/488031/08/2013Extended the term of following persons as Warden in the Hostels.
989.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/498131/08/2013Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Kanan Bala Sharma, Deptt. of Physics as Director, CNCER, UOR jaipur.
988.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/506331/08/2013Nominate Dr. Mini Nanda and Dr. Charu Mathur, Deptt. of English, as Coordinators of all Academic Interactive Session of eminent personalities in UOR Jaipur.
987.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/503131/08/2013Extend the term of Dr. Alka Sharma, Deptt. of Chemistry, as Deputy Director, ASC, UOR Jaipur.
986.RegistrarExam Secr./2013/5770-9430/08/2013Regarding Grading System for P.G. Semester Scheme Examination.
985.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/3058627/08/2013Appoint Dr. R.R. Bhardwaj as Member in Central Weightage Committee.
984.RegistrarVCS/2013/1141-122127/08/2013Departments/Centres to inform their events to PRO.
983.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/104723/08/2013Regarding Application form for Vacant staff quarters in university Campus.
982.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/140423/08/2013Related to RUSU Election-2013.
981.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/130123/08/2013Related to RUSU Election-2013.
980.DSWDSW/Election/2013/2323-240021/08/2013A Meeting will be held related to Rusu Election 2013 on 22-08-2013 at 5.00 P.M. in the ASC Hall, VC Secretariat).
979.RegistrarRS/2013/5946-600719/08/2013Regarding D.Sc./D.Litt. Candidates shall be charged Rs. 3000/- per extension.
978.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/4728-8019/08/2013To detain the teachers during RUSU Election period.
977.Chief Election OfficerDSW/ELECTION/2013/2093-210017/08/2013Regarding RUSU Election-2013.
976.RegistrarPS/Reg./2013/85317/08/2013Regarding approval of leave during RUSU Election 2013.
975.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/467516/08/2013Appoint following faculty members as Associate Proctors, UOR, Jaipur.
974.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/4554-461016/08/2013Interactive Session with Prof. H.A. Ranganath is Postponed due to student election .
973.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/462016/08/2013Extend the term of Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Deptt. of History as Director, Shri Guru Gobind Singh, Sikh Study Centre UOR Jaipur.
972.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/450116/08/2013Appoint Prof. Harsh Dwevdi, Deptt. of Management as Co-ordinator of all Academic-Interactive Session in UOR Jaipur.
971.RegistrarAcad.-II/2013/28622-7314/08/2013Regarding Re-Admission in IIIrd semester for the session 2013-14 in UOR Jaipur.
970.RegistrarAcad.-II/2013/28501-5914/08/2013Regarding Re- Admission for the session 2013-14 in UOR Jaipur.

Undertaking form for Non creamy layer OBC/SBC Candidates.
969.RegistrarAcad.-II/2013/98806-1014/08/2013Regarding Admission in P.G. Courses in UOR Jaipur.
968.Chief Election OfficerDSW/Election/2013/1721-182114/08/2013 Schedule for RUSU Election - 2013
967.Chief Election OfficerDSW/Election/2013/1721-182114/08/2013RUSU Election - 2013 Notification
966.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/780-80014/08/2013Regarding I-Card of Students
965.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/424113/08/2013Appoint the following members Associate Deans, Student' Welfare & International Student's UOR Jaipur.
964.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/436413/08/2013Appoint Dr. R.D. Agarwal, Associate Profesor, Deptt. of Botany as Incharge, University Garden UOR Jaipur.
963.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/418313/08/2013Appoint the following faculty members, as Associate Proctors, UOR Jaipur.
962.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/4418-448013/08/2013Notice of Student Election for all Deptt.
961.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/431013/08/2013Appoint Dr. M.S. Chundawat, Deptt. of Physical Education, as Coordinator, Yoga Centre, UOR Jaipur.
960.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/375613/08/2013Appoint Dharmendra Kumar Sain.
959.RegistrarS.C./S.T. Cell/2013/2071-297112/08/2013Regarding Information about schedule tribe students studing in Universities/Colleges of State.
958.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/4086-416012/08/2013Regarding Interactive Session with Prof. H.A. Ranganath at Humanities hall UOR Jaipur .
957.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/398112/08/2013Appoint Dr. Ramveer Singh as Joint Director (Info) Centre for Converging Technologies, UOR Jaipur.
956.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/403312/08/2013Appoint Prof. Damyanti Gupta, Deptt. of Political Science as Director PG School of Social Science, UOR Jaipur.
955.RegistrarEstt-I/2013/386512/08/2013Appoint Prof. S.L. Sharma as Head of the Deptt. of Sociology, UOR Jaipur.
954.RegistrarF.9/G.Ad./2013/59412/08/2013Regarding Independence Day Celebration at Sports Ground, UOR.
953.Asstt. RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/44012/08/2013Notice Regarding to Meetings at VC Secretariate.
952.Dy. RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/245308/08/2013Appoint Dr. Om Mahala, Deptt. of Public Administration, as Dean, Student Welfare, UOR Jaipur .
951.RegistrarF.34-573/PP/2013/2571-7708/08/2013Appoint Prof. Alpana Kateja Head, Deptt. of Economics as Director, Planning Commission Chair.
950.RegistrarF.29-77/PP/2009/2541-4908/08/2013Appoint Prof. Anshu Dandia as Co-ordinator of SAP (At the level of CAS Programme).
949.RegistrarF.35-412/PP/2013/2475-9407/08/2013Following Steering Committee is constituted to coordinate preparations for NAAC Re-Accreditation of UOR, Jaipur.
948.RegistrarEstt.-I/Misc-II-150-C/2013/377507/08/2013Appoint Dr. Dileep Singh, Deptt. of Business Administration, as Vice Principal University Commerce College UOR, Jaipur.
947.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/361807/08/2013Appoint Prof. M.S. Poonia Deptt. of ABST as Chief Proctor UOR, Jaipur.
946.RegistrarEstt.-I/Misc-II-48 (Vol-VI)/2013/372107/08/2013Appoint Prof. K.P. Sharma, Deptt. of Botany as Head of the Department of Botany UOR, Jaipur.
945.RegistrarF-2/Exam.Misc/2013/80531-4505/08/2013Constitute a Committee under convener ship of Prof. S.G. Sharma for purchase of paper and preparation of Answer books for the exam 2014.
944.RegistrarF.35-510/PP/2013/2496-250905/08/2013Appoint Prof. A.K. Nagawat, Deptt. of Physics, as Co-ordinator for IQAC, UOR Jaipur.
943.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/2828103/08/2013Appoint Dr. M.S. Chudawat as Convenor of Central Weightage Commitee, UOR Jaipur.
942.RegistrarF.No.(16)I/Acad.I/2013/1413803/08/2013Appoint Dr. M.S. Chudawat, Professor, Deptt. of Physical Education as Dean of the Faculty of Education, UOR Jaipur.
941.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/670802/08/2013Regarding changes in the uniform and other allowances for university employes.
940.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/353602/08/2013Appoint Dr. Manju Koolwal, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Law, as Director, Five Year Integrated Law Course, UOR Jaipur
939.Vice-ChancellorNo.VCS/2013/1047-111702/08/2013Related to Information as per the enclosed table.
938.RegistrarEstt.II/2013/3214-331302/08/2013Regarding criteria for rewarding the Employees on 15th August & 26th January.
937.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/660430/07/2013Regarding For I-CARD.
936.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/12129/07/2013Regarding Cleanliness of terraces buildings of Rajasthan University.
935.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/18024-2810127/07/2013Panel of subject Experts.
934.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/2813827/07/2013List of B.Ed. colleges Session 2013-14.
933.Dy. RegistrarF.35-412/PP/2013/12221-9027/07/2013Constituted a Steering Committee for NAAC Re-accreditation which is also preparing a self-study and AQAR Report separately for the academic session 2011-12 and 2012-13.
932.Asstt. RegistrarEstt.I/2013/3405-6027/07/2013Regarding to Extra Classes for various Departments/Colleges.
931.Asstt. RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48(Vol-V)/2013/326827/07/2013Appoint Prof. M.S. Chundawat, as Head of the Deptt. of Physical Education, UOR Jaipur.
930.Asstt. RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48(Vol-V)/2013/333027/07/2013Appoint Dr. Surayya Khanam, Associate Professor, as Head of the Deptt. of Urdu & Persion, UOR Jaipur.
929.Asstt. RegistrarEstt.I/2013/320624/07/2013Appoint the following persons as Associate Deans Students'Welfare.
928.Dy. RegistrarEstt.I/2013/315124/07/2013Prof. R.D. Gurjar will hold the charge of Director, ASC.
927.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/325123/07/2013Vc orders the following Professors date of absorption and substantive appointment mentioned against their names that is the date of their initial appointment.
926.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150(C)/2013/313320/07/2013Extend the term of Prof. J.P. Yadav, Deptt. of EAFM, as Vice-Principal, University Commerce College, Jaipur.
925.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/301819/07/2013Appoint Prof. Karori Singh, Department of SASC, as Director South Asia Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
924.RegistrarF-29-610-A/PP/2013/2019-2616/07/2013Appoint Prof. Salil Agarwal as Co-ordinator, of the SAP(at the level of DRS programme).
923.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-Vol-VII/2013/291116/07/2013Appoint Dr. (Mrs.) Tanuja Singh, as Head of the Deptt. of Drawing & Painting, UOR Jaipur.
922.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-Vol-VII/2013/286116/07/2013Appoint Dr. R.L. Rathi, as Head of the Deptt. of Law, UOR Jaipur.
921.RegistrarF.No.16 (1)/Acad.I/2013/1400115/07/2013Appoint Dr. Mahesh Chand Koolwal, Deptt. of Law, as Dean of the Faculty of Law, UOR Jaipur.
920.Dy. Registrar(PP)F-35-412/PP/2013/1992-200215/07/2013Reconstituted the following steering committee to co-ordinate preparations for NAAC Re-Accreditation to our University.
919.Section OfficerF-9/H.A.C./2013/8860-6311/07/2013Regarding vacant houses of working women in UOR.
918.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-Vol-VII/2013/256511/07/2013Appoint Prof. Anil Maheshwari, as Head of the Deptt. of Geology, UOR Jaipur.
917.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/250311/07/2013Extend the term of Prof. Vidya Jain as Director, Gandhian Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
916.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/238110/07/2013Appoint Prof. R.D. Gurjar, Deptt. of Geography as Officer-Incharge in all the cases related to teachers Recruitment.
915.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/219210/07/2013In continuation office-order no.Estt.I/2013/3115 dated 05-08-2013 and as per orders of the VC dated 3-07-2013, the following Assistant Professors date of absorption and substantive appointment mentioned against their names that is the date appointment.
914.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/221110/07/2013In supersession of the Office-Order No. Estt.I/2013/8461 dated 27.05.2013 the following Assistant Professor S.N.27 & 190 date of Senior Scale be read mentioned against each.
913.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/222310/07/2013VC has been pleased to promote the folowing Assistant Professors(Lecturers) as the Associate Professor (Reader).
912.RegistrarRS/MPAT-2013/4317-6610/07/2013Regarding pattern and syllabus for MPAT-2013.
911.RegistrarNo. Acad.II/2013/17181-23910/07/2013Regarding to ensure regular classes in the constituent colleges.
910.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/2333-8010/07/2013Related to teachers Payment for classes.
909.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/227110/07/2013Extend the term of Prof. Krishna Gopal Sharma, Deptt. of History, as Director, Rajasthan Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
908.RegistrarF.No.16(1)/Acad.I/2013/13722-8106/07/2013Appoint Prof. N.K. Kumbhat, Deptt. of Business Admn., as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, UOR Jaipur.
907.RegistrarF.35-375-A/2013/PP/2013/1745-180506/07/2013Re-constituted the following standing Committee for SFS Courses to consider all the proposals for the Self Financing Courses in the University.
906.RegistrarA&F/2013/1495-159506/07/2013Regarding formation of committe to ensure quality check of construction work in various departments & constituent colleges.
905.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/180303/07/2013Regarding all such teachers who are associated with the work of recruitment of teaching posts.
904.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48 (Vol-V)/2013/186503/07/2013Appoint Prof. M.L. Sharma as Head of the Deptt. of ABST, UOR Jaipur.
903.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1583929/06/2013Notice regarding University Prospectus 2013-14.
902.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1553124/06/2013The following teachers included as a member in the Central Admission Board constiuted vide this office order No. Acad.II/2013/15017.
901.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1554124/06/2013Regarding to increase 25% seats in University constituent colleges/departments for the session 2013-14.
900.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/139122/06/2013Appoint Prof. R.N. Jat as Dean, Student Welfare, UOR Jaipur.
899.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/145722/06/2013The following teachers will be retire from university service during the period from 1st July, 2013 to 30th June, 2014.
898.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/1302-137020/06/2013Regarding Promotions of Assistant Professors and Associate Professors under CAS.

(Self Appraisal form)
897.RegistrarEstt.II/2013/169818/06/2013Dr. P.L. Raigar to join Plan & Project till further order and Dr. Neelu Mahajan to join Research, Academic-I& II.
896.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/116718/06/2013Appoint Dr. K.L. Batra, as Dy. Director, Podar Institute of Management, UOR Jaipur.
895.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/122118/06/2013Appoint Prof. J.P. Sharma, Deptt. of EAFM as Dean, Students Welfare, UOR Jaipur.
894.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/111518/06/2013Appoint Dr. (Mrs.) Sarina Kalia, as Vice -Principal, University Maharaja's College, Jaipur.
893.Univ. Maharaja Collegemcj/2013/345018/06/2013Constituted for smooth conduct of students activities and to help the administration to maintain the discipline in the college during the session 2013-14.
892.Chief ProctorCP/2013/805-90415/06/2013A Message from Chief Proctor regarding Ragging in University Campus & Constitute Colleges.
891.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1527615/06/2013Constituted Anti-Ragging Committee for the Academic session 2013-14.
890.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1510215/06/2013Appoint Prof. Maya Rani Tak as Convener of the Joint Prospectus Committee for the academic session 2013-14.
889.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/171614/06/2013Appoint Prof. J.P.N. Sharma as a Director of Controller of Examination & Shri H.P. Sain as Addl. Charge of Controller of Examination.
888.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1501713/06/2013Constitute Central Admissions Board for the session 2013-14.
887.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/1520013/06/2013Constituted Central Weightage Committee consisting of the following persons for the admissions to be made in the Post-graduate courses in the University Teaching Departments for the session 2013-14.
886.RegistrarAcad.II/2013/14844-9912/06/2013Regarding Validity of Degrees of IIS University.
885.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/940112/06/2013Appoint Prof. Anshu Dandia Deptt. of Chemistry as Director, P.G. School of Physical Sciences, UOR Jaipur.
884.RegistrarSanstha-2/2013/125012/06/2013Appoint Prof. J.P.N. Sharma as Controller of Examination, UOR Jaipur.
883.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-48-(vol-V)/2013/915705/06/2013Appoint Prof. N.L. Gupta as Head of the Deptt. of Bus. Admn., UOR Jaipur.
882.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/921605/06/2013Appoint Dr. Ramesh Chawla Asstt. Professor of Political Science, as Director Ambedkar Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
881.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/888105/06/2013Appoint Prof. D.C. Jain Deptt. of Physics as Principal, University Maharaja's College, UOR Jaipur.
880.RegistrarA&F/2013/1348-144804/06/2013Notice Regarding the Purchases through the approved rate contract of equipment, Chemicals, glassware etc.
879.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/838524/05/2013Appoint Prof. Gitika Kapoor, Professor in P.I.M. as Director, R.A. Podar Institute of Management, UOR, Jaipur.
878.RegistrarPS/Reg./2013/610122/05/2013Notice Regarding Safety Measures in Laboratries for the Prevention of any Casualty in future.
877.RegistrarAcad-I/2013/1253617/05/2013Syndicate has approved the amendment in RUSU Constitution 2010.
876.RegistrarEst.I/2013/815916/05/2013Teachers who are willing to contribute for corporate life of the university.
875.RegistrarEst.I/2013/823016/05/2013Preparation of Academic/activity calendar for session 2013-14.
874.RegistrarEst.I/2013/801616/05/2013Appointment of Dr.Nidhi Sing as Warden Laxmi Bai Hostel and Dr. Jamila Bano as Warden of Savitri Hostel.
873.RegistrarG.Ad./2013/791916/05/2013Re-consituted MSR and Minor Works Committee for year 2013-14.
872.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/787013/05/2013Prof. Rajiv Gupta will Continue to work as Hony. Director, P.G. School of Social Science, UOR Jaipur.
871.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/792113/05/2013Dr. Prahlad Rai will continue to work as Director, Ambedkar Study Centre UOR, Jaipur.
870.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/781913/05/2013Additional Charge of Warden, Kasturba Hostel & Warden, Mahi Hostel will be given to Dr. (Mrs.) Mithlesh Agarwal and Dr. (Mrs.) Darshan Narang respectively.
869.RegistrarF-35.444/PP/2013/80411/05/2013Re-constitute a General Committee consisting of the following members to monitor and implement the UPE scheme sanctioned by the UGC, New Delhi.
868.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/1455208/05/2013VC orders the last working day of the current Academic Sesssion 2012-13 will be 18/05/2013, as was decided earlier and also printed on the University Prospectus for the Academic Session 2012-13.
867.RegistrarF-35-444/PP/2013/1570-62008/05/2013Submission of proposals and vision implementation of the approved programme under University Potential for Excellence(UPE).
866.RegistrarExam.Mst/2013/6904/05/2013Ms.Hundastan Paper Corporation is blacklisted.
865.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/691204/05/2013Appoint Dr. Pankaj Nagar, Deptt. of Statistics as Vice-Principal University Maharani's College.
864.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/697204/05/2013Appoint Prof. Rajni Goyal, Deptt. of Political Sc. as Director, P.G. School of Social Science, UOR Jaipur.
863.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/713104/05/2013Extend the term of Dr. Mahesh Koolwal, Assistant Professor, as Joint Director, Five Year Law Course University Law College, UOR Jaipur.
862.RegistrarPS/Regr/2013/605604/05/2013The Local Coordination Committee and Programme Executive Committee for Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology in the University.
861.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/708104/05/2013Appoint Dr. Nidhi Singh, Deptt. of English as Vice-Principal University Rajasthan College.
860.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/703004/05/2013Appoint Prof. A.K. Gupta, Deptt. of ABST as Vice-Principal University Commerce College.
859.RegistrarPS/Regr/2013/604101/05/2013Re-constitute the following Steering Committee for the Centre for Converging Technologies UOR Jaipur.
858.RegistrarEstt.I/Mise-II-150-D/2013/688501/05/2013Extend the term of Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Koolwal, Assistant Professor as Vice-Principal, University Law College, (Centre-II) UOR Jaipur.
857.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/679929/04/2013Appointment of Prof. Kailash Agrawal as Officer-Incharge,University Gardens.
856.-USB/2013-14/64426/04/2013About Rajasthan University Inter college Tournament for session 2013-14 and Annual Entry Fee.
855.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/14397-47726/04/2013Re-constitute the Committee to prepare Annual Report for the academic session 2010-11 and 2011-12.
854.RegistrarAcad-II/2013/1430526/04/2013VC orders has constituted the following Committee consisting of the following persons for Univ. of Raj. Admission Test for Post-graduate (URATPG) for the whole process of admission to post-graduate programmes for the academic session 2013-14.
853.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/672724/04/2013All the University teachers required to perform at least one examination invigilation duty daily irrespective of other engagements.
852.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/665624/04/2013Appoint Prof. Vidhya Jain Deptt. of Political Science, as Principal University Maharani's College, UOR jaipur.
851.RegistrarF-17/(1)Acad.I/2013/1239322/04/2013VC orders dated 17-04-2013, has nominated Prof. Mridul Srivastava, Member Syndicate to serve on the Finance Committee.
850.Dy. RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/755118/04/2013Notice Regarding to Meetings at VC Secretariate.
849.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/658518/04/2013Appoint Dr. Kshama Agarwal, Professor, Deptt. of EAFM as Director Women Studies Centre, UOR Jaipur.
848.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/652016/04/2013Appoint Prof. S.C. Saxena, Deptt. of ABST as Vice-Principal in Maharani's College, UOR Jaipur.
847.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/641516/04/2013Appoint following as Vice-Principals in the University Rajasthan Colleges, UOR Jaipur.
846.RegistrarAcad-II./2013/1422316/04/2013Appoint Prof. Mridul Srivastava, Head Deptt. of Law as Convener to hold entrance test for admission in LL.B. and B.A. LL.B. Five Year Courses in University for the academic session 2013-14.
845.RegistrarNo.F-6(13)/Acad-II./2013/1232216/04/2013Re-constitute the Adhoc Committee of courses in Gandhian Studies under Ord. 52-D, consisting of the following members with effect from 09-04-2013.
844.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/736113/04/2013Appoint following as Vice-Principals in the University Constituent Colleges, UOR Jaipur.
843.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/645713/04/2013As per orders of the VC, all the faculty members are directed not to proceed on any kind of leave till the University examinations are over.
842.RegistrarSanstha-1/2013/7305-736013/04/2013Re-notice For proper functioning of examination/classes in department.
841.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./Store/2013/643313/04/2013VC vide his orders dated: 28-03-2013 has withdrawn the system of purchase through Central Purchase Committee with immediate effect. All purchases will be carried out as per G.f. & A.R. rules.
840.RegistrarEstt.-I/Misc-II-150-(D)/2013/729413/04/2013Dr. Anil Kumar Gautam, Deputy Librarian is hereby posted from Law College to University Central Library.
839.RegistrarEstt.-I/Misc-II-150-(D)/2013/723611/04/2013Appoint Dr. H.M. Mittal, Asstt. Professors as Vice-Principal University Law College, UOR Jaipur.
838.RegistrarAcad-II./2013/1422211/04/2013Constituted a Committee of the followings regarding admission in University PG Deptt. through entrance examination for the Academic session 2013-14.
837.RegistrarEstt./2013/716610/04/2013For proper functioning of examination/classes in department.
836.RegistrarExam/2013/3028510/04/2013Send list of Professors engaged in department to Center Superintendents.
835.RegistrarAcad-II./2013/13052-1420410/04/2013Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC and persons with disability Students.
834.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/735810/04/2013Regarding to AMC.
833.RegistrarU.E./2013/135710/04/2013Committee for Establish e-Procurement System for UOR Work.
832.RegistrarPP/2013/6210/04/2013Appoint Dr. Rashmi Jain, Assistant Professor in Sociology, as Director, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Uor Jaipur.
831.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/706110/04/2013Appoint Prof. R.D. Doi, Deptt. of Geography as Chief Proctor and Prof. K.G. Sharma, Deppt. of History & Dr. Vidhya Patni Asstt. Professors in Botany is appointed as Associate Proctor, Uor Jaipur.
830.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/711210/04/2013Appoint Dr. Krishan Gopal Deptt. of South Asia Studies Centre as Associate Proctor, Uor Jaipur.
829.RegistrarF-7(28)/Acad.-I/2013/12244-5305/04/2013Nofification of Re-constitute the Adhoc Committee of courses in Pharmaceutical chemistry under Ord. 53-A, consisting of the following members with effect from 28-03-2013.
828.RegistrarF-7(28)/Acad.-I/2013/12232-42M05/04/2013Nofification of Re-constitute the Adhoc Committee of courses in Biochemistry under Ord. 53-A, consisting of the following members with effect from 28-03-2013.
827.ASCASC/2013/200204/04/2013ASC is organising Capacity Building Programme in Social Science's Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi.
(Application Form)
826.RegistrarAcad.-II/2013/1283704/04/2013Constitute the joint Prospectus Committee consisting of the following persons for printing, updation, and publication of the Joint Prospectus for the undergraduate and postgradute courses for the academic session 2013-14.
825.Controller of ExaminationsExam.III/UM/2013/9429-4830/03/2013Shri Agrasen Kanya Snatkotter Mahavidhyalaya, Mahuwa (Dausa) centre has been debarred conducting practical examination and the present examination of Ms. Shimla Bai Meena bearing Roll. no. 404566 of B.A. Part-I Exam, 2012 has been cancelled.
824.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/596430/03/2013Appoint Prof. R.D. Doi as Head Department of Geography, UOR Jaipur.
823.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/591230/03/2013Appoint Dr. R.L. Rathi, Assistant Professor in Law, as Principal University Law College Centre-I, UOR Jaipur.
822.RegistrarEstt.-I/2013/601630/03/2013Appoint Prof. Alpana Kateja Department of Economics, as Principal University Rajasthan College, UOR Jaipur.
821.RegistrarPS/REGR/2013/596425/03/2013Appoint Prof. Sangeeta Sharma, Deptt. of Public Adm. as Director, University Central Library, UOR Jaipur.
820.RegistrarPS/REGR/2013/577225/03/2013Appoint Prof. M.P. Bansal, Deptt. of Business Adm. as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, UOR Jaipur.
819.RegistrarPS/REGR/2013/584825/03/2013Dr. Rajesh Sharma will not continue as Administrative Secretary to VC.
818Controller of ExaminationsExam.IV-A/B/2013/8873-927220/03/2013Following Instrcutions for the Principal & Center Superintendents of Examination 2013.

Application for allowing at the Examination on the Center.
817.Controller of ExaminationsExam.V-B/PGDCA/2013/735916/03/2013Last Date for submission of Exam. Form of PGDCA Exam. 2013.
816.Controller of ExaminationsExam.V-B/B.Tech-M.Tech/2013/735916/03/2013Last Date for submission of Exam. Form of Dual Degree B-Tech-M.Tech Converging Technology V Semester Exam. 2012(Batch 2010-2015).
815.Controller of ExaminationsExam.V-B/2013/736016/03/2013Last Date for submission of Exam. Form of M.Sc.(I.T.) III Semester Exam. 2012.
814.Controller of ExaminationsExam.V-B/MCA/2013/735816/03/2013Last Date for submission of Exam. Form of MCA -I & III (due) Semester Exam. 2013.
813.RegistrarSanstha/2013/575813/03/2013Schedule for interview for placement of Assistant Professors in Senior/Selection Scale under CAS.

Performance Appraisal Report-I/II form.
812.RegistrarSanstha/2013/5357-540009/03/2013Regarding Payment for extra classes of Teaching Faculties.
811.RegistrarPS/REGR/2013/571327/02/2013Prof. T.N. Mathur will not continue as Administrative Secretary to VC.
810.RegistrarV.S.P/2013/629120/02/2013Start Vidhan Sabha Budget Session 2013 .
809.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./2013/532519/02/2013Constitute the following Advisory Committee of the Nehru Studies Cente, UOR Jaipur.
808.Dy. Registrar(A&F)L.V./Medical/2013/447613/02/2013Notice for the extend date registration of Doctors/hospitals/Specialists/Nursing Homes/Homeopathic/Ayurvedic etc. with UOR Jaipur.
807.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad./2013/140/601712/02/2013Work Time Schedule of University Health Centre UOR jaipur.
806.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./2013/496006/02/2013Appoint following teachers, as Director & Dy. Director, Centre for Water Mang. & Research (Deptt. of Geology), UOR jaipur.
805.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./2013/506306/02/2013Appoint Dr. Ashok Singh, as Dy. Director, Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, UOR jaipur.
804.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./2013/501106/02/2013Extend the term of Prof. R.N. Jat as Director, University Centre for Computer & Information Tech., UOR jaipur.
803.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./2013/511706/02/2013Extend the term of Prof. Mridul Srivastava, Deptt. of Law, as Director, Five Year Integrated law Course, UOR jaipur.
802.RegistrarNo.Estt.I./Mise-II-48(Vol.-III)/2013/466330/01/2013Extend the term of Dr. (Mrs.) Archana Srivastava, Asstt. Professor as Head of the Deptt. of Dramatics, UOR jaipur.
801.Finance Advisor & ControllerL.V./2013/1034-4024/01/2013Office order for appointment of Nodal Officer related to Audit by Registrar.
800.RegistrarEstt.2/2013/1170723/01/2013Tentative list of candidates for interview of D.R. & A.R..
799.RegistrarF-9/G.Ad/45-A/2013/538517/01/2013Notification for "Republic Day" (26 January 2013).
798.RegistrarNo.Estt.I.2013/441415/01/2013Appoint Dr. Surendra Singh Chauhan, Deptt. of Indira Gandhi Centre for HEEPS as Director, Indira Gandhi for HEEPS, UOR jaipur.
797.RegistrarNo.Estt.I.2013/447015/01/2013Appoint Prof. D.C. Jain, Deptt. of Physics as Director, CNCER, UOR jaipur.
796.RegistrarSanstha-I/2013/431811/01/2013Related to advancement increment for Ph.D. holders.
795.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/425107/01/2013Appoint Prof. J.P. Yadav, Deptt. of EAFM, as Chief Warden (Boys), UOR Jaipur.
794.RegistrarEstt.I/2013/419907/01/2013Appoint Prof. (Mrs.) Jaimala Sharma, Department of Zoology as Officiating Chief Proctor and Dr. H.S. Palasnia, Asstt. Professor, Deptt. of Physics as Addl. Chief Proctor, UOR Jaipur.

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